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Presentation Builder can dramatically reduce the time your sales team spends creating sales presentations for their various accounts. Once implemented, you can rely on Presentation Builder to maintain your brand integrity, provide a high degree of professionalism and deliver powerful and consistent messaging, across your entire sales organization.

Presentation Builder is a powerful technology that automates the creation of customer-specific selling presentations. Presentation Builder's Click and Build user interface allows users make a handful fo easy selections to choose which parts of a selling presentation they would like to include for particular customer. Once the content is selected, users can further customize the presentation with customer logos, value propositions and other customer-specific information as necessary.

Once the customization has been fully defined, Presentation Builder takes over and automatically assembles your customer-specific presentation, converts to Microsoft PowerPoint format and opens it for further editing and saving as necessary.

It's as Simple as Click, Build, Present!

Empowering Your Sales Team
Presentation Builder is a cloud-based software that empowers sales and marketing reps to quickly and easily build their own data rich, customer-specific and highly professional Account Reports.

Seamless Integration with Existing Resources
Presentation Builder seamlessly blends with your best existing assets to automatically generate targeted and highly professional presentations.

Infinite Flexibility
Presentation Builder can be configured allow users to generate many different types of presentations suitable for all levels of the potential target audiences.

Ease of Use
Presentation Builder is very intuitive and easy to use, requiring little or no training.

Tracking and Reporting Module
Presentation Builder has a powerful Tracking and Reporting Module that tracks site usage and other activities of your user base. At any point in time, you can export an Excel file with all the real-time tracking data you could possibly need. As part of every Presentation Builder project, Blue Lacuna will assemble quarterly usage and resource tracking reports with a Value Analysis that uses real-world metrics to demonstrate a consistently and powerful return on investment.

Does Your Sales Team Spend Days, or Weeks, Pulling Data From Disparate Sources and Assembling Them Into Customer Selling Presentations for Your Customers and Key Accounts?

Presentation Builder Is What You Need!

Presentation Builder Benefits for Field Sales Reps

  • On-demand, customer specific sales and marketing presentations, created in seconds
  • Provides your customers with the critical data they need, formatted the way they like it
  • Easily customized presentation templates allows for unlimited presentation potential
  • Easy to use, simple to master, with little or no training
  • Frees up your valuable time for customers and selling
  • Cloud-based administration pushes real-time data directly to your fingertips

Presentation Builder Benefits at the Corporate Level

  • Frees up your field force for more selling, prospecting and business building
  • Assures consistent branding messaging and highly professional selling presentations across your entire sales organization
  • Provides a critical competitive advantage for with third party Broker Organizations and Resellers
  • Gives you complete control of brand messaging and content, while simultaneously empowering your field force to create their own documents
  • Cloud-Integrated model allows for secure centralization of all marketing data, key metrics and other resources
  • Scalable technology and modular design provides easy and cost-effective updates
  • Just in Time fulfillment can drastically reduce stress on your Communications team, lower printing costs and alleviate outdated presentations

Q. How Much Does Presentation Builder Cost?
As always, cost varies based on scope and complexity. The project cost is divided into two parts, a one-time development fee and a monthly user subscription fee. Both are likely much less than you would guess. Expect your investment to pay for itself very quickly in increased sales, productivity gains and more efficient and professional customer communications.

Q. What is included in the Monthly User Subscription Fee?
For the monthly subscription fee all users get their own dedicated Presentation Builder account and all necessary user support. At the project level, this fee includes the secure server slot, server space for your project resources, powerful security practices, redundant backup of all resources, trivial changes and updates to data and resources, and more. One fee covers everything, no nickel-diming here.

Q. My Company Data is Highly Confidential, What Type of Security is Built into Presentation Builder?
As much as you need. Multiple security levels are the default structure for Presentation Builder allowing our customers to easily control which users have access to specific data and presentation templates. All Presentation Builder sites are locked up with state-of-the-art secure encryption.

Q. Do I Have to Sign a Contract?
We are flexible. The initial agreement typically includes a one year commitment. After that year, it is month-to-month and at your discretion.

Q. How Long Does it Take to Implement?
Typical Presentation Builder projects are about 8-12 weeks from handshake to go live, depending on project scope and complexity. It can be faster when deadlines dictate.

Q. Can Presentation Builder Use My Existing Customer Presentations?
Absolutely! Presentation Builder is designed to adapt and seamlessly leverage your existing assets. No need to reinvent the wheel if you have some materials that work, Presentation Builder will amplify your best assets and cascade quickly into the field.

Q. How Many Template Designs Can I Have in Presentation Builder?
As many as you like. Presentation Builder's Dynamic Document Engine that offers virtually unlimited flexibility in terms of the design, theme, layout and type of documents and individual pages that it can create.

Q. How Much Training is Required for Users?
Incredibly, almost none at all. Presentation Builder is intuitive and user friendly, very easy to learn and master. Usually a one hour classroom session or web meeting is more than enough to bring users up to full speed.

Q. How Do I Get Started with Presentation Builder?
If you would like more information about Presentation Builder and how it can help your organization, we are happy to schedule a demonstration session for you. Please feel free to call or email us today to reserve a time.

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